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MSI Real Estate Management offers a turnkey management service to owners of rental properties who want to maintain a maximum occupancy rate as well as professional and profitable management of their real estate assets.

At MSI Real Estate Management, we advocate a humane approach based on respect for our clients with whom we favour a true partnership relationship. Transparency in our management is a fundamental element for us. Our listening and our proactivity sets us apart from our competitors and assures you of a service tailored to your requirements.

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Our management services for building rentals

MSI Property Management offers you a complete administration service of rental and maintenance of your apartment buildings.
Choose one of our two management packages:

Turnkey real estate management

Don't worry, we take care of everything
All of the services below are included in this package

Management per services

You're freed from what causes you headaches
Choose our services that match your different needs

Rental services

Rental services

Our rental service is all-inclusive, from the marketing of the accommodation to the tenant's layout. Professional and dynamic team available 7 days a week to maximize rental potential.

  • Unlimited visits
  • Photos taking
  • Setting up a rental offer sheet
  • Location finding (Recommendations to the owner according to the condition of the dwelling)
  • Credit Check/Housing Authority Inquiry
  • Advertising (kijiji, MSI site, Facebook)
  • Display on the building and balcony
  • Lease signing
  • Handing over the keys
  • Planning follow-up
anagement services

Management services

We provide impeccable customer service to your customers. Our team responds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all requests or questions of tenants and ensures close follow-up with them. Completed for you direct communication with your tenants.

  • Collecting rents
  • Rent deposits in your bank account
  • Tight monitoring of rents in delinquency and collections
  • Report and payment - government (GST/QST)
  • Access to our insurance purchase group for your properties
  • Communication with tenants (Question, work request, etc.)
  • Lease renewal and statement 31
  • Tracking tenant complaints and/or from government authority
  • Representation in the Quebec Housing Authority
Accounting services

Accounting services

Our accounting department complements our rental management, providing homeowners with peace of mind about payment of taxes, suppliers and others. Our team takes care of everything and provides you with your detailed financial statements monthly so that you can track the profitability of your buildings.

  • Bookkeeping (Revenue/Expenses)
  • Paying bills
  • Taxes payments (Municipal, School, GST/QST)
  • Monthly customer reports
Maintenance services for your properties

Maintenance services for your properties

Maintenance is essential to ensure complete and efficient building management. Our team includes specialists for housekeeping, maintenance/repair and complete renovation of the dwellings.

  • Maintenance/repair work
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Housing renovation
  • Outdoor renovation
  • Work Planning
  • Bids application and sub-contractor management

What are your irritants and goals as an owner?

See how our team can help you maintain good profitability and a good quality of life to put your time and energy into what really matters to you

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Why choose MSI?

A team at your disposal

Our qualified professionals put their skills at your service to ensure the administration and complete maintenance of your apartment buildings. As part of its commitment to customer service excellence, MSI Real Estate Management promotes the network of knowledge and the use of the latest technology and other technologies to achieve all management mandates assigned to it.

MSI realestate management:

  • More than 2000 homes
  • Managing $200,000,000 in real estate
  • A team of dedicated and experienced employees and collaborators

Our benefits

  • Flexibility: Turn-key management or personalized service as needed
  • 24/7 emergency call service: To meet the needs and emergencies of your tenants
  • Economy of scale
  • A full team dedicated to your service: Staff dedicated to accounting, advertising management of units for hire, call management, visits and service calls
  • Transparency: You have access to all your information at all times
  • Maximising the occupancy rate
  • Service available even for owners of 1 to 12 doors

Testimonials from our customers

"Very good property management  company. Fast, courteous and efficient service. If you own buildings where you are looking for accommodation, please contact them! "

Michael Thibault

"Excellent company for the management of your buildings !! Peace of mind for your real estate investments. "

Félix-Olivier Pelletier

"Excellent management for me. Competent staff. Courtesy and caring service. Very recommendable."

Yvan Martel

Managing your building is cheaper than you think !
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